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Topic: My FIRST with GPO4

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    My FIRST with GPO4

    Hi Folks - I'm so excited. I picked up GPO4 about a month ago. It seemed so simple and robust. I encountered a problem w/recording my MIDI tracks, and several people here helped me with my excessive brain density, and I was actually able to produce output.

    This is one of my favorite MIDI spectaculars, sequenced in 1998 by Dr. David Siu, and rendered here *completely* by GP04- ALL IN ONE PASS!! NO OTHER SYNTHS.

    This IS a ROUGH DRAFT - Some dynamics are anemic, horn mutes are missing in places, I'm missing snare drum, and the cymbals need work, along with bassoon solos. BUT, I was so excited to be able to actually put something where my mouth is!!! Check it out!

    I'm still learning GPO4, so honest criticisms are WELCOME.



    Thanks Randy!!

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    Re: My FIRST with GPO4

    Wow--Exciting, Steve! Thanks for showing us your first GPO4 output. It's sounding great!

    So you mean this is a MIDI file you've had for quite awhile, maybe you've recorded it with a GM synth before, and now you're trying out in GPO4? It's a really nicely orchestrated file of very entertaining music, I like it a lot.

    Just listen to how music is coming out of the new Aria/GPO4 combo - instantly better than with the previous Kontakt Player.

    Sure, you have some editing to do, but sounds like you're encouraged now to roll up your sleeves and do that work. I'd try humanizing some sections which are too overly-perfect, for instance, and certainly more dynamic work with volumes.

    You thanked me at the end of your post - Do you mean for explaining how to bounce tracks in Sonar which I posted earlier today?

    Congrats - You're on your way!


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    Re: My FIRST with GPO4

    Sounding very good! Very colorful composition, reminds me a of Rimsky-Korsakov. I also just posted my first GPO4 piece, (see "The Sunbird" thread) and I'm excited as well to have GPO4.

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