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Topic: Bela D Media, truly a class act!

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    Bela D Media, truly a class act!

    To all sample collectors,

    I thought I'd post a quick note in regard to a truly top notch customer support experience I've had with Bela D Media.

    Having recently purchased a product from them which I struggled to correctly download and utilize, their help, patience, and attention to detail, helped me to not only fall in love with their product but with their service as a company.

    During times when the personal seems to be waning in lieu of the digitally professional I felt it important to post that I had found another company that I can gladly add alongside of Spectrasonics, Nine Volt Audio, Sonic Flavours, and a few others, that have provided an unexpected level of courteous support.

    Thanks Francis!


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    Re: Bela D Media, truly a class act!

    I can only agree!
    Not only do they deliver high quality products, but I experienced also that their customer service is personal, swift and impeccable.
    Thanks for all the efforts guys.


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    Re: Bela D Media, truly a class act!

    +1 and their sounds are stunning. I love all the smaller sample developers that have cropped up... they're bringing such awesome stuff to the marketplace.


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    Re: Bela D Media, truly a class act!

    + another 1. They really are great. Fantastic sounds, incredible levels of patience, and huge generousity. It's impossible not to like Francis and his team!

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    Re: Bela D Media, truly a class act!


    I just checked out your website. Great work, you and your wife are quite the Renaissance collaborative!

    I had the opportunity to study in Gent for a couple of years and thoroughly enjoyed the people...although I haven't found much use for Het Flanderen tal!

    Greak work,

    Tot Ziens!


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    Thumbs up Re: Bela D Media, truly a class act!

    Francis is a nice guy himself, but the pride for customer satisfaction of Francis and the full Bela D Media team is for sure exceptional.

    That's why sometime people feel the need of telling the community, and everytime it happens, several other users, including me, feel the need of writing "I quote"!

    Congrats to Belardino's gang, never give up, and all the best!

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    Re: Bela D Media, truly a class act!

    It’s always such a pleasure to read postings such as this. We very much appreciate your kindness. It’s simple really … without you, there is no Bela D Media. I believe that says it all.

    Thank you again,
    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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