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Topic: Mandala

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    This one features a layer of Omnsiphere and Lyrical Distortion Nylon Guitars for the theme over a playback made with Omnisphere and RMX.
    Please enjoy and thanks for watching!



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    Re: Mandala

    Very nice Hans. I have enjoyed your videos a great deal since I bought Omnisphere last year.

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    Re: Mandala

    Thank you very much Bob and welcome to Northern Sound.
    Omnisphere continues to be the most inspiring instrument for me.
    I cant believe that i released almost 60 complete pieces since summer of 2008 thanks to this wonderful tool. Simply playing with it generates new ideas in an instant.

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    Re: Mandala

    Yes, Omnisphere is very inspirational. The sounds evoke much imagery which suits your animations very well.

    Keep up the good work and maybe we can expect 60 more pieces.

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