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Topic: Old quick Gofriller demo/test i did

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    Old quick Gofriller demo/test i did

    Hi all

    I was 'turfing out' a bunch of old files and found a quick track i did with the gofriller cello. Thought people might like to hear it, as the sound was popular for a while in film thanks to zimmer... (hence me making this 'test' track)

    Its not long tho.


    Ive got other old stuff if people are interested to hear it...



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    Re: Old quick Gofriller demo/test i did

    Ah yes, the good ol Gofriller. The much mourned and yearned for Gofriller - Such a pity it was withdrawn from sale so quickly, along with the equally stupendous Strad.

    Eventually, realistic strings like this will be in the upgrade of GOS.

    Good demo, Ben!


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    Re: Old quick Gofriller demo/test i did

    i know. i was gutted that i didnt get the strad as well when i heard it was withdrawn. Im looking forward to GOS2, but afraid its going to cost too much. Similar to another leading string library just announced.

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