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Topic: GVI Loses Presets

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    GVI Loses Presets

    Hello everyone,

    All of a sudden my GVI is behaving very strange. I'm running GVI as a plug-in inside of Cubase SX3. When I load 2 or more sounds into GVI and refocus to the Cubase screen and then return to GVI, my preset gets changed. Even after I have saved it. It seems to copy slot 1 and puts it into the remaining loaded slots. Any thoughts?
    Is there a hidden setting? Should I re-install GVI and what problems would a re-install create?


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    Re: GVI Loses Presets

    I have had similar problems with GVI. I am running it on my slave PC in VSTack. Sometimes it works fine and sometimes, the presets get all jumbled up even after I save them and then try to reload them. Mind you I am loading it right to the max with 2 instances of GVI with a Sonic Implant Strings setup with multiple keyswitched string articulations on each of the 32 tracks so I am loading about 1.5 GB of samples. I haven't experienced any problems with lighter usage.

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    Re: GVI Loses Presets

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    Re: GVI Loses Presets

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