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Topic: GPO4 Tutorials coming soon?

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    GPO4 Tutorials coming soon?

    Are there plans for GPO4 tutorials anytime soon?
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    Re: GPO4 Tutorials coming soon?

    There are dozens of tutorials with earlier versions of GPO. Almost all were done by users who gave so generously of their time and knowledge. It will take a little time but they will come.

    A couple of users have done excellent tutorials with GPO4. One with FL Studio and another with Samplitude. There will be more.

    I urge you Yairhol to contribute and offer some help in the form of tutorials. Perhaps there is an area of expertise you can share with the community.

    Soon we will have a "Best Tutorial Contest" and I expect many new tutorials will come as a result. I was waiting for more ARIA libraries to be released, but maybe we can start the contest sooner with just GPO4.



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