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Topic: JABB Percussion - Scoring/Assigning Problems

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    JABB Percussion - Scoring/Assigning Problems

    Can anyone please explain how to score JABB percussion?

    Looking through the handbook, the JABB tambourine, for example, is listed as MIDI notes 83, 84, 85 (B, C, C#). I have tried just about every 'B', 'C' and 'C#' in every octave and still no instrument!

    So, using Finale 2010 and using the Setup Wizard with JABB KP2 Tambourine I thought I couldn't go wrong, everything would happen automatically and be set up ready to go. Wrong! I even tried with a single instrument in the document to eliminate assignement and chanel errors. Although the document loaded I got an error window as follows:

    'The selected document does not include the percussion layout required by the tambourine. Select a different document style or percussion instrument or setup manually.'

    I tried with a different JABB percussion instrument .. still the same message. I tried setting up manually .. zero!

    When I checked in KP2, the JABB percussion instruments are loaded and sound on the virtual keyboard.

    Can anyone make any other suggestions on how to score the JABB percussion?

    Patience is a virtue, sensitivity is a gift

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    Re: JABB Percussion - Scoring/Assigning Problems

    Hi Michael:

    Try following the instructions in the Finale Knowledgebase in the article:

    Setting up Garritan Jazz and Big Band with Finale 2010

    After doing this setup, load the library: JABBLayouts.lib

    Then use the percussion layout:
    "All Gourds, Blocks, Bells, Misc. GJBB"
    (staff tool)

    -- Harvey

    (Worked for me by doing this -- let me know if you have any questions.)

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    Re: JABB Percussion - Scoring/Assigning Problems

    Hello Harvey,

    Many thanks for your reply. It is very helpful.

    It is now working although I think I'll keep to my usual method of notes on a stave rather than relying on percussion maps. For me I find this so much easier but everything is now working.

    Thanks again.
    Patience is a virtue, sensitivity is a gift

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