I use a Studiologic VMK-188 Plus midi controller, and the VFP-3-10 triple pedal. These pedals are supposed to be continuous controllers and should therefore support the half-pedaling capabilities of the Steinway. However, this is not working properly. Upon investigation, the midi info being sent by my pedals is not what i'd expect-- each depression and letting go of the pedal results in 6 midi messages. There is a lengthy review of this pedal on the pianoteq forum, and the reviewer does note this behavior (he says it seems like some kind of data thinning).

But he had no problem setting them up with pianoteq, because apparently the software is able to interpret even non-standard midi implementation. Bottom line, he got the pedals working perfectly with pianoteq. So i was wondering, would it be possible to implement this kind of thing within the steinway as well? (C'mon Jeff i know you can work miracles )