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Topic: Best Service Accordions - Left and right hand playing?

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    Best Service Accordions - Left and right hand playing?

    Over at KVR I asked the same question, but didn't get an answer (hmm, maybe the people were just polite, because the answer is too obvious???)

    I've just got the Best Service Accordions. The natural sound of the instruments is just fantastic - full of life and character!

    However, I'm not sure how the division between right and left hand is done correctly. There's an instrument called "Bass Left Hand Accordion". Do I have to load this instrument, if I want to play with both hands on the Bandoneon (or another accordion), or is there also a split in the other instruments (if so at which note)?

    When loading the "Bass Left"-instrument, it can't be played at the same moment as the right-hand instruments as there are also chords in the "bass left" which overlap with the right-hand keys. How is this supposed to be set up?

    If it's meant to be played with both hands at the same time (like a real accordion), how do you use the bellows - with an expression pedal?

    Thanks for any insight.

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    Re: Best Service Accordions - Left and right hand playing?

    Hi welldone,

    I will try to clarify what is the difference between left hand and right hand in accordions.

    First of all we can divide the library in two kinds:

    1.-Bandoneon and Concertina

    Bandoneon and concertina spread all their notes among both hands. That means that all notes are played with both hands, normally left hand high notes and right hand low notes. All those notes have been mapped in one patch (instrument) as this is the logical way to be played on a piano.

    Accordion is different. You will find all the reed patches which are right hand and basses, which correspond to left hand.

    Right hand is the piano side of the accordion. Here you can play melodies like a piano.

    Left Hand is to play rhythms and chords, no melodies. The concept of right hand is totally different. Here you will find how basses are mapped.

    C1-B1 Bass Notes
    C2-B2 Major Chords
    C3-B3 Minor Chords
    C4-B4 7th Chords
    C5-B6 Diminished Chords

    You have to alternate this to create rhythms and/or and it is played at the same time than right hand (in a real accordion, you need two midi tracks in order to do this).

    As this is something difficult for non accordion players, I will make some videos to show that.

    Regarding your last question, bellows can be controlled with any midi CC you choose (exp. pedal, modwheel, etc...)

    I hope this helps you to see things more clear.


    Eduardo Tarilonte |Sample Library Developer
    SampleLibraries |MyWeb

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    Re: Best Service Accordions - Left and right hand playing?

    Thanks a lot, Tari, for this helpful answer.

    How to work with left hand patches seems clearer now, but a video will surely be helpful. Thanks in advance.

    With the Bandoneon and the Concertina I was wondering, where on the real instrument the "natural split" between the left and the right hand side occurs. In other words: Is there a given note (eg C4) which is the division between the hands (the lower notes are on the left hand side and the higher notes are on the right hand side) or is there some overlap? I'm asking this because I would like to learn to play the sampled instrument in a correct manner. Otherwise I'm afraid that I'm playing stuff which would not be playable on the real instrument and would be a giveaway of a sampled instrument. Of course I imagine that on an accordion with keys on the right hand side it's the same as on a piano. But I'm not sure what you can play on an instrument with buttons.

    Anyway, the sound of your collection is absolutely marvellous!

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    Re: Best Service Accordions - Left and right hand playing?

    Thanks welldone.

    I think that you shouldn't be worried where both hands split because some notes are played in both hands also. The same key in concertina and bandoneon produces different notes depending if you push or pull the bellows. Anyway, there are such a big number of combinations that you can play any melody you want. Don't be worried about that. Everything is possible.
    Eduardo Tarilonte |Sample Library Developer
    SampleLibraries |MyWeb

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    Re: Best Service Accordions - Left and right hand playing?

    Quote Originally Posted by TARI View Post
    Everything is possible.

    I see... So, I'm off to squeeze on without hesitation...

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    Re: Best Service Accordions - Left and right hand playing?

    Eduardo Tarilonte |Sample Library Developer
    SampleLibraries |MyWeb

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