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Topic: Controller-Effect Mapping in Aria vs. KONTAKT

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    Controller-Effect Mapping in Aria vs. KONTAKT

    I'm deciding whether (when, really) to upgrade to GPO4. One of my ongoing "hobby" projects is sequencing a movement of a work for full orchestra. I'm about 2/3 of the way through, and have spent a fair amount of time tweaking modulation and sustain to control expression and legato, respectively. (I'm using Logic 8, but I don't think that matters in this case.)

    I'm still trying to get an answer to what must be a basic question: does the Aria player (or anything else in the GPO4 update) change the way these parameters work? I'm afraid I might have to backtrack a lot after upgrading, and just want to know what I'm getting into.

    Thanks for sharing any advice or experiences.


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    Re: Controller-Effect Mapping in Aria vs. KONTAKT

    Hi Jim. As far as i can test, Mod wheel and Pedal work pretty similar. The main difference i can found is that the default volume levels of the instruments are different. In GPO4 they have higher values, so if you have a project made for Kontakt and re-map it to GPO4, you will not have issues with mod&pedal but yes adjusting the initial volumes of the instruments. By example, ViolaPlr1 is in Kontakt -12,2db and in GPO4 is -4. Same happens with other instruments.
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    Re: Controller-Effect Mapping in Aria vs. KONTAKT

    You can still use the older Kontakt version of GPO to be compatible with old or current projects. GPO4 is a separate install and won't affect the older Kontakt version. You can even mix and match both in your current project.


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    Re: Controller-Effect Mapping in Aria vs. KONTAKT

    As Jim said, the two exist right next to each other. Note that GPO4 has problems with the sustain pedal in Logic, and it's quite annoying (see this thread). They're going to fix it, but until then I would recommend you continu you current project with your current version.

    However, since they co-exist, you can choose to do part of the instruments in GPO2/3 and part in GPO4. E.g, the latter has some new, nice brass instruments and you can load these in Aria player and continue with Kontakt for the other instruments. Balance is not something to worry about, that works out quite well.

    Also, auto legato takes away the need for the sustain pedal (although I think I can hear small differences, but I haven't checked that thoroughly).

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