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Topic: [HELP] How to remove modules in Kontakt Player 2

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    [HELP] How to remove modules in Kontakt Player 2

    I have a question related to 3rd party library in Kontakt player 2 (NI website not much help on this issue)
    I recently trying to "downside" my sample library, will keep only what I use most... so old stuffs like Garritant GPO, Vir2 Vi One (does not means bad, but just that I don't need them) have to be trash.
    I tried to trash all the libraries and look up the K2 Player preferences and delete any lines that refer to those library but when I open the K2 Player, the modules are still there but no contents, it no big deal but kinda annoying and taking space for other modules... I want the old modules completely out....
    I also have K3.5, those Modules still visible in libraries tab as well...
    Is any way to do that?
    Thanks for any Help, I am using Mac OSX, K2 Player 2.2.4, K3.5
    Best regards

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    Re: [HELP] How to remove modules in Kontakt Player 2

    Never mind, Found it!

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