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Topic: Delay Omni layer

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    Delay Omni layer

    I want to delay the playback of one layer in Omnisphere. I don't want to affect the attack of the sound so I can't use the envelope. Does anyone know a way to delay the playback of a layer? So for example if I hit a key and layer A plays back, but I don't want layer B to start playing for 100 ms or so.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Re: Delay Omni layer

    put a delay on the layer (e.g. BPM delay works fine), set feedback to 0, spread to 0, and the wet/dry to 100% wet. then just change the delay rate to what you want and you're all set.

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    Re: Delay Omni layer

    Great solution, makes complete sense, I should have thought of that! Thanks.

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    Re: Delay Omni layer

    Still, I hope this function is added to a future version of Omni as a Layer Start time delay in ms. It is a small, but helpful feature that my Korg's have.

    Maybe its already on the list....I hope so, I'd be


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