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Topic: Finale 2010 Question

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    Finale 2010 Question

    Once GPO4 is installed, there are two choices for the Aria "skin"- the Finale 2010 version, and the GPO version. Both sets of instruments appear to be available in both "skins." I realize the underlying player is the same (in this case, v. 1.076 for OS X x86) Is there any advantage of using one over the other?

    Keith W.

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    Re: Finale 2010 Question

    Hello Keith,

    I too use Finale 2010. Although I haven't tried it, as you suggest, there should be absolutely no difference in performance using either skin.
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    Re: Finale 2010 Question

    Hi Keith,

    The only thing I can come up with is that the GPO4 Aria has Ambiance Reverb built in. Beyond that, the tech under the hood should be the same.


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    Re: Finale 2010 Question

    Hi Keith. In the case you would like to try other skin, with colors to identify each channell, you can try this one:

    Marcelo Colina

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