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Topic: In need of gnarly brass samples

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    In need of gnarly brass samples

    I am in need of some gnarly / aggressive brass samples. Cimbasso & Trombone barks, rips, tears, swells and fff playing for an action adventure score.
    I have Symphobia and Sam's Brass as well as some Vienna, but could really use a diverse brass sample orchestral library with alot of the features I listed.
    Does anyone know of something I could check out?
    Thanks so much!

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    Re: In need of gnarly brass samples

    Sounds like you already have all the heavy hitters. You may want to try "The Trumpet" http://www.samplemodeling.com/en/products.php or Wallander instruments http://www.wallanderinstruments.com/ and see if you can get sample modeled brass to do what your current samples cannot.

    I personally find the Wallander brass to be OUTSTANDING when played with a breath controller, as you can do flutter tonguing, double tonguing, etc all in real time! Very cool!

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    Re: In need of gnarly brass samples

    "The Trumpet" has brass rips, tears and swells? Really?

    Chris - unless there is something I am unaware of, Symphobia is it when it comes to brass rips, tears and swells. Someone can correct me if I am wrong, but I do not think there is another lib on the market that does what Symp does in that regard. Why is Symp not good enough?


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    Re: In need of gnarly brass samples

    Symphobia is wonderful and meets most of my needs for this type of film... but I just wanted more variety to choose from in regards to unusual brass sounds just to mix things up a little. Brass swells in particular... Symphobia has awesome longer swells in the low brass.. but I need more mid range brass with faster swells and nasty sounding fff brass for sustained notes which i cannot find in Symphobia. Although the DYN brass are nice but not aggressive enough.

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    Re: In need of gnarly brass samples

    Sonivox brass has range of good fx - buts its pretty exxy and well, you'd want to make sure its exactly want you're after, considering the brass you already have.

    if you're interested I'll go and have more of a listen.

    Then again, (exuse me for saying in this samples forum) in your case its probably better and cheaper to just hire a trombonist for an hour, even with studio costs if you need it, and get a few dozen dry toots of exactly what you want.

    Plus the benefit of your own unique sounds.

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