We got some all new cues and sound effects like from the Sonokinetic "Q's series" soundFX library.
"Q's 2″ has 50 new cues* containing massive booms, hits, glitches, motors, explosions, powershots, tension builders and many many more appealing audio treasures.

The "Q's 2 - Designed Sound" are composed and produced by Sonokinetic and containing completely finalized Q's (sound cues from 10 seconds up to 20 seconds) and
"Single Element" sound effect folders with all new additional 150+ SFX like:
"The Nixon Tapes": wrappers, powerdowns, powerups speedups, and other digital/analog tape sound effects
"Spheres": sound pallets and mood-feelsSFX
"Background Layers": audio background sound effects. 10 to 30 sec layered sound effects
"Electix" : electrifying, stunning and shocking sound effects
"Bombshells": exploding drums and massive H-bomb percussion and sound effects hits and booms.
exclusive composed and produced sound effects ques. Primary designed for music productions, video & audio promo's and trailers productions. Produced by the makers of "Q's ". A high standard professional 'one-of-a-kind' , must have! SFX library. Available in 24 bit 44,1kHz wave format.

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Audiodemo Q's2