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Topic: gs3 on win2000 (OR EVEN WINE)?

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    gs3 on win2000 (OR EVEN WINE)?

    Well, the title says it all really; are either of these worth a try?



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    Re: gs3 on win2000 (OR EVEN WINE)?

    GS3 works perfectly fine on Win2K even though it is unsupported. I ran it for several months before I decided to migrate it to my WinXP box.

    GS3 will not run under WINE. GS3 relies on kernel level code to work, but AFAIK WINE doesn't allow an app to extend to the kernel level. WINE is more of a compatibility layer, not an emulator.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: gs3 on win2000 (OR EVEN WINE)?

    Yep, thats great, thanks.

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