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Topic: Finally made the (painful) switch - a crosspost

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    Finally made the (painful) switch - a crosspost

    (Apologies to those who read this in the Garritan forum, I posted there because I had one Garritan specific issue.)

    A couple of weeks ago I picked up a copy of Komplete3 - and yes, I know it's somewhat out of date, but I wanted to grab Vokator and Spectral Delay, and as far as I can tell those two plug-ins last appeared in Komplete3, so when a friend offered me a great deal on a copy that was still sitting on his shelf I figured what the heck.

    Prior to this I had been wrestling with what to do about GigaStudio. In hindsight I suppose it was never what I'd call rock solid, but I did manage a reasonable solution with a separate computer just for GS3.

    The thing I loved about GS was the ease of importing and then tweaking other libraries. One of the goals all along has been to have a single software sampler to host all my sample libraries. And by all I mostly mean the libraries I collected for my Akai S900/S1000 and Ensoniq EPS & ASR samplers.

    I'll probably only use a small portion of those older collections, but having logged more than a few miles with them I know them well, and there's a lot there that still holds up well.

    So I spent way too much time this weekend importing sample libraries into Kontakt. The results were mixed... most of the libraries that imported without crashing the program worked well. There are some obvious problems, most notably key switches that don't work, key switch keys assigned to strange places, and release samples that are never triggered. I've also, it appears, lost all of my extra articulations, and convolutions, at least they don't import directly.

    That accounted for a little more than half my GS libraries. I was able to import all but one of the remaining ones with Chicken Systems Translator. I even tried importing some of the first group with Translator to see if it made a difference - if it did it wasn't immediately audible.

    The next thing I noticed was that editing in Kontakt (v2.4) is not nearly as easy as in GS - or maybe I just spent enough time in GS to become familiar with it. There is clearly quite a bit of work ahead in that area!

    One of the biggest disappointments was importing Garritan Orchestral Strings... it could be my imagination, but something seems to have been lost in the translation. Not a lot mind you, they are still quite lovely, and I was pleased to discover that the Hollywood Strings patches seem to work quite well. If anyone has any tips or tricks to resolve this I'm all ears.

    Tonight I start to tackle the Akai and Ensoniq libraries. I tried importing the versions I had imported into GS long ago, but I immediately ran into minor problems, so I'm going back to the source. If anyone has imported either family successfully with either Translator or Kontakt I'd love to hear about warnings, cautions, or hints!

    All in all I'd have to say that thus far I think the switch is going to work out well for me. I am going to grab Komplete6 as soon as I'm done the housekeeping (unless Komplete7 is released before I finish<G>) and we'll see how things work in Kontakt4, but from what I've read thus far is seems that they've managed to maintain backwards compatibility.

    Thanks in advance for any and all assistance!
    Bill Thompson
    Audio Enterprise

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    Re: Finally made the (painful) switch - a crosspost

    On the VSL forum someone mentioned a sample player called Samplelord, wich plays back Giga insturment in their native format. There looks to be a demo, so you might check it out as an adjunt to the Kontakt conversion proccess.

    I think a lot of us are in this same boat!

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