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Topic: Still having a problem with Gigastrings and the Editor

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    Still having a problem with Gigastrings and the Editor

    I was able to adjust the attack slower on my violin sound (1st VLN SusV EXP) in Gigastrings only when the mod.controller was all the way down, but when I move the modulation controller up (as the expression gets louder), the attack is not set to those higher levels on the EXP violin sound. What do I need to do to add the same slower attack on these different louder samples as I raise the mod.wheel?

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    Re: Still having a problem with Gigastrings and the Editor


    The EXP instruments use layers for the different dynamic levels. You will need to \"rubber band\" the 4 layers boxes as well as the regions to apply your new attack envelope settings to all dynamic levels. If you have further questions (or need more detailed instructions) contact Gary and he can give you my email address.

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    Re: Still having a problem with Gigastrings and the Editor

    Thanks Tom. I appreciate the reply. Is there any way you could do this with the editor and Gigastrings:
    I truly love all of the Grand Detache samples. I mostly love the attacks on them, but they only sustain for a few seconds. Can I somehow apply one of the long bow samples to the Grand Detache sample so it could sustain longer, yet keep the attack of the grand detache without the long bow attack interfering?
    The opening demo on the Gigastrings webpage sounds like the violins were the Grand Detache sample, yet they seem to sustain a little longer toward the end of the piece. I\'d love to get that exact same sound. It\'s beautiful.

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    Re: Still having a problem with Gigastrings and the Editor


    The Grand Detaches are lovely, aren\'t they? We had the same request from beta testers but we were not satisfied with the results when we made a variety of attempts to construct such an instrument. But it\'s on our wish list (along with many other things) and we hope to use certain new software to try again in the future. By the way, if you have any other requests like this, it\'s easier for us to keep track of them if you submit them directly to us. The wish list will no doubt grow over the next few months.

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    Re: Still having a problem with Gigastrings and the Editor

    I think the Grand Detaches are my favorite sounds on Gigastrings . They have such great expression, warmth and attack.
    I did manage to play the 1st Vln SusV EXP underneath the grand detaches and when the notes cutoff from the grand detache, the other 1st Vln sustains it without any phasing problems. The key I figured was to start out with the 1st Vlns completely soft in expression, so the grand detaches attack can be heard, then slowly build the expression on the Vlns to about 25 percent modulation or whatever it takes to blend the shorter note with the longer one.
    I\'m glad it\'s on the wishlist for sustaining it somehow because it is truly an inspiring and beautiful sound.
    Again, I must say to Gary and you, that you guys did one hell of a job on this mammoth library. I think if I ever attempted to do such a project, I\'d probably be insane by now! It is definitely the best string library out there by far.

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    Re: Still having a problem with Gigastrings and the Editor

    Hi Damon,

    I remember hearing the Grand Detaches for the first time during beta: I\'ve been using them ever since, as right from the first hearing I believe these are the best, most expressive set of samples ever created. They are simply and absolutely stunning!

    For those of you who don\'t have the library, note that this is just one patch included in a group of
    \"short bows\", amongst almost countless other patches to choose from. It\'s an example of how when you start digging around what\'s included within the library there\'s a lot of excellent material to uncover.

    Like you have found, their use would be greatly expanded if the sustain was longer. Let me say that Garry and Tom took every one of the beta testers wishes and worked hard on it. You would be amazed at how seriously and fully tey looked into every suggestion. So we can have no doubt that they will continue to improve the library, although it is already far better than anything else out there.

    Its one thing to have this great product, and its even better because of it\'s creator\'s commitment to it.

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