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Topic: GPO and Mixcraft?

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    GPO and Mixcraft?

    I've been using Acoustica Mixcraft for orchestral midi arrangements and now thinking of moving up to more natural sounding patches. Would anyone know if GPO would work well with Mixcraft?

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    Re: GPO and Mixcraft?

    AFAIK, Mixcraft dont handle Multiple-outs yet. That means that YOU CAN use GPO without problem, BUT all the instruments will sound trough the same stereo channel. So, if you want to assign a Violin to a different track to apply and effect different than the rest of the instruments, well, that´s not possible.
    This is not a GPO issue, most of the orchestral libraryes, Kontakt based or not, works this way. Also percussion kits do the same.
    So, if you are user of Mixcraft, request your developers that feature. Is usefull, and most of others programs has this feature already. Said that, maybe you dont need it, and working trough a single channel is enough. Lot of people work that way.
    Best Regards
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: GPO and Mixcraft?

    Marce gave some good advice but even with just one stereo buss, you can still automate the volume and pan data in the midi track, and GPO's volume fader and pan knob will respond in real time.


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