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Topic: Sampling Blog

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    Sampling Blog

    I've started a new blog dedicated to sampling with Kontakt.
    I'll be uploading new instruments for free every week.
    Let me know what you think.

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    Re: Sampling Blog

    Sounds interesting, thanks!

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    Re: Sampling Blog

    Brendan, great blog. It's very interesting what you say, and inspiring to try out some of your ideas, which are nice and clearly explained. Very generous of you to share. Keep it up!

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    Re: Sampling Blog

    Fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing Brendan.

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    Re: Sampling Blog

    Hello Brendan,
    Drinking Glasses and Tidepools is not just a great read, it is a way to follow a journey into what music is all about. Totally inspiring!

    How did you create the bass line for the final piece? Obviously it is pitch shifted down and the ADSR modified, but the instrument is probably the most modified of the group. I would think it was a modified bass guitar and would never guess it was a drinking glass!

    Again, really great job. I look forward to the next installment!

    We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams …
    24" 2.4 Ghz iMac, OSX 10.4.10, MOTU 828 MKII, 2 Glyph 250 Gig external drives, Logic 9, Finale 2008 GPO, JABB, Strad, Gro, Reason 4, EWQL Storm Drum, Adrenaline, Symphonic Choirs, SO Gold,All Arturia Synths, Many NI Synths, Spectrasonics Synths, KH Strings, VEPro on a Windows 7 4x 2.8 Ghz 12 gig of RAM

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    Re: Sampling Blog

    Thanks all for the kind words. Of course, as soon as I started the blog I got swamped with other projects, but I'm going to do my best to keep releasing new instruments every week.
    The bass sounds are definitely the most modified. It took me three attempts to get the sound I was after. I was thinking of doing a post just on that sound. Basically I used the re-trigger script with a very fast rate to create an effect similar to what I talk about in my second post. This creates a new tone with glass overtones. I resampled a bunch of these and layered and filtered them. The goal was to make a bass sound that was still somewhat glasslike.
    Thanks again for the encouragement. Feel free to ask questions via the comments section for each post. I don't check these forums as often as I should.

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    Re: Sampling Blog


    Wow! I love your blog and creativity! I've not got into sampling at all myself yet, but reading and listening to what you've done is very inspiring. Love the glasses song. I hope you will continue it!


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    Re: Sampling Blog

    I enjoyed reading the blog and I love the instruments you have created. I look forward to your continued work on sound creation, and your sharing of that process with us.
    Brad Pearson
    THG Music
    Spokane WA

    MacBook Pro (2.33 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo), 3 gig RAM, OS 10.6.5, Finale 2011b, GPO4 & CMB2

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    Re: Sampling Blog

    Great work, really creative!

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