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Topic: PLEASE HELP! GPO full NOT working. Crashing my finale

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    PLEASE HELP! GPO full NOT working. Crashing my finale


    I believe have everything set up perfectly on my computer. My GPO full in Finale 2007c was working up to yesterday. It keeps crashing starting today. I updated Kontakt player to the newest version, 2.2.4, from NI website and also my GPO full version.

    I have loaded into Finale 2007c my GPO full instruments via KP2. But as soon as I playback, Finale crashes.

    PS. I cannot even use Garittan Personal Orchestra in standalone mode either. When I try to load a patch, it says: "this page was generated by a newer version of Kontakt. Please upgrade your copy to load the patch."

    what are all these about?

    any help would be greatly appreciated.


    PS.I don't think I have updated kp2 from Kp1 as I had GPO full 2nd edition.

    HP Pavilion zv6000
    WinXP-Pro. SP2, 2GB RM+600GB HDD
    Software: Finale 2007c, BIAB 2005, Garritan JABB and GPO, Nuendo 4, WaveLab 5, NI-Komplete 5, Kore 2, Reason 4
    Keyboards: Roland Fantom X8, Creative PC-MIDI keyboard
    Chekad Sarami
    Math Professor

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    Re: PLEASE HELP! GPO full NOT working. Crashing my finale

    That's the error message that you usually get when you have upgrade KP1 to KP2 and you try to load a patch into KP1! So check and make sure that your not doing this if you've upgraded from KP1 to KP2

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