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Topic: Sonar, Kontakt workflow for orchestral writing

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    Sonar, Kontakt workflow for orchestral writing

    I hope this isn't too off topic for this forum, if so, feel free to move me!

    I am a veteran of Sonar but new to orchestral writing. I am very unclear on how to go about fleshing out string parts. If I say, start with a bass ensemble patch(from kontakt 2 library) for example, and record a simple midi part. Then when I go to add viola, I open a Viola Ensemble and begin working but any key-switches effect the bass patch as well. Besides bouncing each part to a wave file and purging, how do you go about layering more and more parts while still being able to use separate volume/mod wheel/key-switches for each part and not running out of RAM etc.?

    any help greatly appreciated


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    Re: Sonar, Kontakt workflow for orchestral writing

    Is each instrument set to its own midi channel and recorded on its own track? This is the simplest way to work. Make sure that the bass ensemble in kontakt is set to midi channel 1 (and the corresponding midi track in Sonar is also set to channel 1.) Set the viola patch in kontakt to channel 2, and open up a midi track for the viola, set to channel 2. Now you should be all set, the viola keyswitches should not affect the bass.

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