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Topic: Staccato?

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    Does anybody have a good technique to get staccato on strings? I am using gpo wich was bundled with finale, with aria player. I can't see staccato there. Or maiby it is available in gpo 4?

    Thank you very much in advance for all replays.

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    Re: Staccato?

    Hello Staale2 and a very warm welcome to our forums.

    I am a Finale user currently using Finale 2010.

    Staccato is very easy to achieve in Finale. In your score, just use the 'Articulation' tool to add staccato dots above or below your notes, ensure 'Human Playback' is selected then you should hear your staccato.

    I'm not too sure exactly which string samples are included with your version of Finale but if you have them, use the 'Sustained + Short' samples of your strings. If you don't have these, then just experiment with the string samples you have using the articulation tool I mentioned and don't forget to select 'Human Playback'.

    I would thoroughly recommend buying the newly released GPO4 Aria and this integrates perfectly with finale 2010.
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    Re: Staccato?

    Thank you very much.

    You see i am using aria in fl studio as a plugin, so i have no option to use staccato. Wish they could add it sometime.

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    Re: Staccato?

    Quote Originally Posted by staale2 View Post
    Thank you very much.

    You see i am using aria in fl studio as a plugin, so i have no option to use staccato. Wish they could add it sometime.
    Can't you select a group of notes in fl studio and shorten their duration? That's all staccato is.


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    Re: Staccato?

    I could do that, but by just shortend the note would not sound right, it still lacks the correct tone. In other libraries they have staccato, wich is very good. But as i am using gpo...

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    Re: Staccato?

    I don't know about the GPO bundled with Finale, but GPO has always had "Short Bow" sounds -- these have worked extremely well for me for a light, staccato/spiccato effect when shortening the note of the regular samples didn't suffice. Nothing of that sort came with Finale?
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    Re: Staccato?

    No, no short bow in finale.

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    Re: Staccato?

    What I do (in Logic Express) is
    - choose the appropriate KS section string (e.g. Violins I)
    - send the alternate bow key switch (D1 for Violins I, II & Violas)
    - play short notes (1/16th or 1/32nd) at high velocity
    You can also chose the Short AG (with or without KS) patches and play short notes at high velocity, and with this patch you can control the "aggression" (which is what AG stands for) with some controller (CC16, check the "controls" page of the player).

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    Re: Staccato?

    Than you for the tip. I will try...

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