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Topic: New piece...

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    New piece...

    Hey everyone...I just finished a piece I have been working on and have posted it at mp3.com, here is the link:

    Comments are welcome. I am just starting to work with Gigastudio and Sonar, so the realism of a real orchestra isn\'t there at all yet. I also have no idea what I\'m supposed to do during the mastering process, I think I\'ll go searching for a book soon.

    This piece was written as a prelude for the church I work at. I started studying orchestration privately this semester.


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    Re: New piece...

    Very pretty.

    Doug Bircher

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    Re: New piece...

    Hi Justin,

    Very nice piece, great production, clean sound. I\'m not sure about your string sounds, they\'re OK, but the performance could be more expressive. One other comment, the landing when the strings come in would be much more effective if it was much more gentle, then you allowed the music to build from there. Other than that it\'s a nice piece. Good job.

    If I could inspire you to listen to some new music of mine take a listen at www.mp3.com/ettienne. My main site is www,mp3.com/stevechandler. Between the two I hope you find something enjoyable.


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    Re: New piece...


    Very nice!

    I am a Sonar user too from Day 1. You can hear some of my work at: http://www.mp3.com/starbirth

    -- Martin

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    Re: New piece...

    \"I am a Sonar user too from Day 1. You can hear some of my work at: http://www.mp3.com/starbirth

    Hi Martin, When you use other artists lyrics, as you do for some of you songs (Edgar Allen Poe for example..) how much does it cost to license the words? I was also thinking of taking this route, (licensing poems, etc..) but I thought it would be too expensive? Thanks for your comments..

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    Re: New piece...

    I dunno. I think there is a certain time limit for the rights to artistic property. For example, a few years ago someone was selling the rights to \"Happy Birthday to You\". Now, if you owned this piece, everytime it plays or someone sings it in a movie you\'d get paid. But they were selling it because the rights were going to expire about a year later. Now, if you got say the Backstreet Boys to do a version you\'d have the rights to that version, but anyone else could do their own version without repercussion.

    Bottom line is, go crazy dude. Do some quotes from Shakespeare, steal some riffs from Beethoven, and put a picture of the Mona Lisa on the CD cover(as long as you took the picture that is).

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    Re: New piece...

    As for Mschiff, what sound libraries are you using? Sounds great, man.

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    Re: New piece...

    All of Edgar Allen Poe\'s works are now in the public domain. They are far beyond the limit for copyright. Depending on the song (i\'ve checked, but not licensed any) it can be fairly inexpensive to license lyrics, etc. Check http://songfile.snap.com/ for information about licensing.

    -- Martin

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    Re: New piece...


    I use lots of different sounds, but not much from Giga at this time. I am in the process of building a Giga machine and own a copy of Gigastudio. The only song on my site with Giga sounds is Phoenix Returns, and that used the GM500 library with Gigasampler. Much of what I\'ve done lately is recorded acoustic instruments (Native American flute, didgeridoo, guitars) and keyboards (Yamaha CS1X and Ensoniq SQ2). I also use some Acid loops, both in Sonar now, and in Acid Pro before Sonar was available. If you ask about a particular song, I can tell you more.

    -- Martin http://www.mp3.com/starbirth

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    Re: New piece...

    I should also mention that I am putting together an orchestra simulation for a client, and he has all the major libraries for Gigastudio. So I have been using it, just not yet with my music. (he can afford the libraries, I am not so lucky yet [smile]).

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