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Topic: Aria Panning

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    Aria Panning

    Finally have my computer working and have installed the Steinway and GPO4. I opened a double brass quartet I've been working on in Sonar and swapped GPO4 for GPO3. Loading the instruments was simple enough, and assigning outputs and channels was a breeze. Chaning the panning, though, has not worked so far.

    I grab the pan knob and pull or push it to change the panning, but as soon as I release the mouse, the knob jumps back to its original setting.

    What's the trick? And, where is the manual loaded - I haven't found it yet.

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    Re: Aria Panning

    Hi Rob. That happens in the Standalone mode too?
    I guess that Sonar has a Pan message in the midi file you are playing.
    You can try search with the event editor if that is the case. Also, right click on the Pan level of the track, and be sure that you have ticked the "disable control" on it.
    The GPO4 manual is here:
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: Aria Panning

    Thanks for responding, Marcelo. I've disabled the MIDI pan control in Sonar and confirmed that there are no MIDI CC's relating to panning in the track.

    It's not happening in the stand-alone version. It's also happening while the track isn't running. I'm trying to use DPDan's solo track method, where the Aria outputs are panned all the way left or right to feed just one mono channel. I adjust the pan-pot and when I release the mouse button, the pot snaps back to its original posistion.

    Thanks for the manual, too - I'm downloading it right now.

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    Re: Aria Panning

    Hi Rob. I tryed in my Music Creator, that is a light version of Sonar, and i reproduced the problem, i believe.
    The solution is this: go to "Options>Project>Midi Out" and un-check "Controller Searchback, like in this screenshot:

    Said that, i suggest you to save the pan into the midi file or set it in the track mixer pan of Sonar, instead of ARIA, and use ARIA to show what happens, instead of set what will happen with pan.
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: Aria Panning

    Nah, it's not checked. I also tried setting the MIDI pan-pots on Sonar, but no change in Aria.

    It would be nice is someone from Garritan would chime in on this...

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    Re: Aria Panning

    Sometime ago I discoverd the same issue with Pan and Volume.
    I asked a question about this and DPDAN asked me if I could send a formal request to Gary to get rid of that.

    Since then nothing heard from Gary. It is still there, the one thing left to do is:

    set all panning in SONAR to the pan % where you want them
    set all volume to some value of your choice, also in SONAR.

    Those settings are taken by the ARIA player. When you open both windows at the same time (SONAR and ARIA) you will notice that setting pan's and volumes (CC#7) in SONAR move the slider/knob also in ARIA.

    I did some research, but there is no solution to this (up to now).


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    Re: Aria Panning

    Quote Originally Posted by raweber View Post
    Nah, it's not checked. I also tried setting the MIDI pan-pots on Sonar, but no change in Aria.

    It would be nice is someone from Garritan would chime in on this...
    Sorry to hear that Rob. Hope that someone can help you, since im have no clue what is going.
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: Aria Panning

    Raymond had it. I set the pan levels on the individual Sonar tracks, but I had to close and open the Aria window to see the changes.

    Thanks, everyone!

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    Re: Aria Panning

    Hi Rob. I noted this, im not sure if can help you.
    Look this screenshot:

    -Aria moves and update the Pan Knob when the Pan is drawed in the piano roll as CC10. (2)
    -Aria pan the sound when you drag the pan slide on the sonar track, but the knob of ARIA is not moved. (1)
    -ARIA dont do nothing when you use a pan automation envelope, even the pan slide in sonar is moved. (3)

    So, if you want that the knob on ARIA moves according, the method that works in SONAR is draw CC10 on the piano roll, appear to be.
    Marcelo Colina

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