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    Off Topic

    I know this is little off topic, but should I sell my E4 Platinum and a slew of E-mu Libraries for a GigaStudio setup. Any opinions would be great. Trade-offs eg. latency, E-mu format converting to Giga, etc. . .

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    Re: Off Topic

    Questions to ask yourself:

    * Do you feel the pinch of ram limitations when loading sounds.

    * Is 160 voice polyphony important (vs what? about 128 for the E4?)

    * Do you want to use the sounds available for Giga which won\'t convert to a ram based sampler? (Have you heard the demos? http://www.nemesysmusic.com/sounds/mp3.html )

    * Are you happy devoting a mid range PC to the sampler (don\'t think you\'ll be easily sampling, sequencing, audio tracking and running video on a single PC - giga is pretty greedy)

    * Apart from some kind of reasonable soundcard, are you happy to buy a midi interface with four ports in order to take full advantage of Giga\'s 64 channel capability.

    * If you already have the E4 FX expansion board, have you compared the quality of the NFX for Giga?

    Personally, I didn\'t need to ask ALL those questions. I got to about the second one and figured I was so tired of the ram limit and low polyphony that I was willing to make a few concessions to kiss it goodbye. So far I\'m happy with my choice, and the options keep getting better. Can\'t wait \'til I have the bucks for GOS

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    Re: Off Topic

    Chadwick you\'re a pretty resourceful guy, I think I\'m going to get rid of my E4 and opt for PC dedicated to Giga, saying as though It\'ll be a fair trade. Do you have any Idea if Giga will convert EOS formatted CD-Roms? Thanks for the advice, you basically helped me make up my confused mind.

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    Re: Off Topic

    Thanks Precison.

    As I said, it wasn\'t a hard choice for me - but you should still make sure you get a leisurely demo and try it all out. (Try out the format converters below as well if possible).

    Giga won\'t convert EOS stuff, but there are at least two 3rd party programmes which will. They both cost less than the price of your average library disk:

    CDXtract - www.cdxtract.com
    Quote...\"CDxtract 3.5 reads all EMU III and EMU IV formats. EMU III formats include : EMU III, EMU 3X, ESI 32, ESI 2K, ESI 4K...\"
    It reads plenty else as well.

    Translator - http://www.chickensys.com/translator/

    Quote...\"Emu EOS to Giga Translation
    Translation implemented in this current version of Translator.

    You can translate entire Disks, Folders, Banks, or Presets. Whole Banks are translated with each Preset represented as a Gigasampler instrument, but one Gigasampler .gig file is created.

    Most parameters, envelopes and Links are supported; LFO’s and Cords are not supported yet.

    GigaStudio/Sampler supports only a specific number of Layers and Velocity Splits - please see the Giga Overview for more information.\" ...end quote

    Hope this helps

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