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Topic: OT: Stradivarius Violin Bested by Modern Day Maker

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    OT: Stradivarius Violin Bested by Modern Day Maker

    Got this in an About.com Newsletter and thought I'd share it with all of you.


    Extremely intriguing!
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    Re: OT: Stradivarius Violin Bested by Modern Day Maker

    Hey, Gary, how 'bout an Opus.58 library?


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    Re: OT: Stradivarius Violin Bested by Modern Day Maker

    I find this really interesting, because I think this happens more often than people know about. In a similar experience - I just purchased a new double bass this summer (I'm working on my BM in Double Bass performance), and while I was waiting for setup and final adjustments, I was encouraged to play any bass I could reach.

    I played a couple of Italian pedigree basses (1500-1600) that were in the $60K to $100K range, but the best bass there was a $25K instrument that was made for a double bass building contest held by the International Society of Bassists. It was just built within the last few years.

    The only thing I'm skeptical about in both cases is the aging process. Those violins and this bass I mentioned are all brand new. Age changes the sound significantly - usually for the better, but sometimes not. Either way, the fact remains that in 10, 20, 100+, years, the sound of these instruments will be quite different from what it was brand new. Not to mention - any structural problems (yes, they do exist even in premium instruments) will show themselves within the early life of an instrument. However, if an instrument makes it past that point, it's golden.

    The Stradivarius violins have been around for over 300 years - they've stood up to constant play, weather, etc. It will be interesting to see how these new violins age and change with time and stand up to its rigors.

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