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Topic: Snow Leopard Users Beware!

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    Snow Leopard Users Beware!

    Data losses in Snow Leopard bug

    Users of the new Apple operating system Snow Leopard are experiencing massive data losses when logging into their machines under a guest account.

    The problem appears to affect those who had a guest account enabled before upgrading to Snow Leopard.

    Users have in some cases lost their entire main profile, including sites, pictures, videos and documents.

    Indications are that the Snow Leopard bug simply treats the principal account like a guest account - meaning that the account profile is wiped clean when logging out.

    Users who first log into a guest account and then into their normal account have found it to be completely reset to factory default settings, with none of their personal data or files visible.

    More here

    Make sure your data's backed up!

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    Re: Snow Leopard Users Beware!

    Oops, I have no words for this.... .
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    Re: Snow Leopard Users Beware!

    That is some bad mojo. Thanks for the heads up Tony! I've not taken the Snow Leopard plunge yet, it is still too dicey for my taste in the audio world...

    We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams …
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    Re: Snow Leopard Users Beware!

    I am sooooooooo glad that I held off in updating my two Apple computers to Snow Leopard!! I'm usually that impulsive computer-geek-wanna-be that upgrades the moment one becomes available. Having been burnt a bit over a couple of recent updates that I made, I've decided to take that "wait and see" approach. Sure glad I did with regards to the Snow Leopard operating system.

    Thanks for the info, Tony!

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: Snow Leopard Users Beware!

    Phew!! Good thing I use Windows!


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    Re: Snow Leopard Users Beware!

    Quote Originally Posted by Haydn View Post
    Phew!! Good thing I use Windows!


    as often as Windoze is made fun of by Mac lovers,
    you deserve to post that Haydn, but fortunately for
    Mac lovers, it will be a long long time before Apple
    catches up to the amount of serious headaches that
    billions have experienced using Windows.

    Dan, another lover of Mac computers.

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    Re: Snow Leopard Users Beware!

    Quote Originally Posted by Haydn View Post
    Phew!! Good thing I use Windows!

    Phew!! Good thing I use Linux

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    Re: Snow Leopard Users Beware!

    ha ha ha h a

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    Re: Snow Leopard Users Beware!

    First Windows, now Mac with the problems! That's why I'm sticking with MS-DOS and my reliable dot matrix printer!
    Wider is better.

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    Re: Snow Leopard Users Beware!

    i heard about this at work today. i'm glad someone posted it here. its starting to seem like snow leopard is turning into window's vista!!!

    ...but i'm with dan on this one.
    -Keith Fuller

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