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Topic: Wizoo Darbuka & Latigo

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    Wizoo Darbuka & Latigo

    A few years ago I bought Wizoo Darbuka. I really liked the content and used it much. Am I correct that Digidesign bought Wizoo? Am I correct that Darbuka and Latigo are discontinued and don't work with Macintosh leopard? Does anyone know if Digidesign ever plans to do anything with them? I really wish I could use it still.

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    Re: Wizoo Darbuka & Latigo

    I'm in the same boat. Not sure about leopard but I know that they don't work with intel macs. I went through and tried to rex a bunch of darbuka loops on an old machine to use in RMX, but they ended up with distortion on a lot of them cause of some mistake I made and I bailed on it. Let us know if you ever come up with any solution, but I think its a lost cause.

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