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Topic: Matching library names in sequencer

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    Matching library names in sequencer

    I use Digital Performer running on a mac G4. So far I have been using patchlist manager to deal with all my synth sounds, and since Im planning on having a stand alone pc system for my gigastudio setup I was wondering if thier was an easy way to make patchlists in performer to match up with my giga banks. Should I get library software like unisyn or whatever?

    Thanks a bundle

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    Re: Matching library names in sequencer

    I also use performer and a separate PC running GigaStudio. I have come to understand that whatever you load into GigaStudio in the PC is completely unknown to the Mac computer since the two communicate only by MIDI.

    You could cteate \"standard\" sets of instruments that you regularly load into GigaStudio. Then in Patchlist Editor, you create a corresponding name list. That solution is, of course, very inflexible.

    Having the ability to communicate patch names from GigaStudio to the sequencer is perhaps the only good reason to have both GigaStudio and the sequencer in the same computer. Otherwise, since GigaStudio clobbers (technical term) compuer resources, it is inadvisable to combine them in any professional setup.

    BTW, I don\'t use Patchlist Manager to create names for Performer but rather insert them directly in Performer\'s Tracks (default column) window. You have to constantly be on guard that GigaStudio doesn\'t reassign instrument numbers when loading new instruments or when reloading a performance file.

    I have and use Unisyn but it will not solve the problem you are describing. If you have any suggestions, I am interested.


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    Re: Matching library names in sequencer

    I think that the librarian would have to support Gigastudio - so check first to see if it\'s on the list.

    Your idea was forwarded to Nemesys recently as part of a large list of features requested.

    Does anyone know of Giga sends out the assigned instrument names as sysex?

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