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Topic: Steinway in Kontakt 3.5

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    Steinway in Kontakt 3.5

    Hi, I posted this elsewhere before seeing this forum.

    Recently upgraded to Pro Tools 8.
    I am on a dual1.8 G5 OS10.5.8

    I have been informed that Steinway is not compatible with PT8 as it is based on an unsupported version of the Kontakt player. Digi recommended accessing Steinway through the latest Kontakt player. I am having trouble getting Kontakt to see Steinway, any idears?


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    Re: Steinway in Kontakt 3.5

    Digi doesn't know what they're talking about
    your problem is most likely your old G5. The Garritan Steinway
    does not need Kontakt and it will not load in Kontakt on anyone's system.
    in PT's menu,, go to...
    Track/New/Create 1, Stereo, Instrument track, hit create,

    at the top of the mix window, click on one of the insert slots,
    then choose multichannel plugin/instrument/Steinway stereo,

    then in the Garritan Steinway, under MICROPHONE POSITION,
    load the Steinway perspective of your choice.

    The Garritan Steinway does not load in Kontakt.
    It loads in it's own Garritan ARAI player.


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    Re: Steinway in Kontakt 3.5

    thanks Dan. Unfortunately that's a no go...it's one of the suspect plugs as far as PT 8 is concerned and I was lead to believe that I could access the sounds through Kontakt which I guess is not the case. So I guess the question I need to be asking is whether or not the Steinway plug itself will be updated for PT 8 compatibility.

    Thanks again.

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    Re: Steinway in Kontakt 3.5

    Dan I just grabbed the latest and greatest and will run it for a while to see if PT behaves. I was having endless crash issues and Digi had flagged that plug as a potential problem...

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    Re: Steinway in Kontakt 3.5

    I am using the Garritan Steinway with Pro Tools 8.01 on an Intel Mac.
    Look at the pic, it is PT 8 with the Steinway loaded, it also shows "about this Mac"

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    Re: Steinway in Kontakt 3.5

    I hope you get it going, let me know if I can help any further

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    Re: Steinway in Kontakt 3.5

    Yep Digi missed the call on this, I didn't think it was Kontakt ported over, it worked too well. And to be honest it was fine but became one of three question mark plugs for Digi so I removed it. My system went straight into the tank with 8, needless to say I was anxious to get things right. The latest seems to be fine, thanks again.


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    Re: Steinway in Kontakt 3.5


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