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Topic: For anyone interested....

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    For anyone interested....

    For anyone interested, my friend Glenn is alright . I finally got through to his mother last night. He was in California luckily during the World Trade Center incident. The whole lawyer firm he worked for got out alive as well in Building 2.

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    Re: For anyone interested....

    Wonderful news, Damon.

    Best regards

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    Re: For anyone interested....

    Good to hear Damon!

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    Re: For anyone interested....

    Thanks Damon for the good news. I am truly glad for you. My best wishes to him and his family.



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    Re: For anyone interested....

    What great news! We certainly needed some. I heard from my friend in New York as well. He is alive, and doing fine.

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    Re: For anyone interested....

    Great news Damon.I was hoping you\'ll update us on that.It is also pleasing that the death toll for this unfortunate tragedy has been revised downwards.

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    Re: For anyone interested....

    Thanks for the concern guys:-) Esperlad, glad to hear your friend is okay as well.

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    Re: For anyone interested....

    That\'s great. I\'m glad that everyone in his firm was okay too. I watched an interview yesterday with the CEO of a company that lost all 700 emplyoees working there (he took his son to kindergarden and lived). It was a nightmare, his brother was among the victims. The poor guy was simply falling to pieces.

    It\'s good to hear some positive news. Thanks for letting us know.

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    Re: For anyone interested....

    great new!!!!

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    Re: For anyone interested....

    Our company had 73 employees in the WTC. All got out except one who sustained major injuries. This person should be fine though.

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