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Topic: Mod wheel problem.

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    Mod wheel problem.

    Hi , I own gpo4 now for 3 weeks and I have a problem that I cannot solve.
    I use a korg m3 for midi keyboard. when I use the mode wheel for modulation ( so pushing the pitch up) and then let go to its default ,the sound of the instrument isnt nearly there anymore, so the modwheel in the interface is showing al the way down ( sorry for my bad english) .Then when I move up the pitch bend the sounds get louder but its not coming back to the middle again so there is nearly no sound anymore when I let go the pitch bend. I Have to reload the intrument again in arai to get the soundlevel to normal again..I hope you even understand what I mean and hopefully someone can help me out.

    Patrick , Netherlands.

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    Re: Mod wheel problem.

    Is it the new, shiny keyboard with Radias and everything, this one? In that case, what are you using as the mod wheel? If it is a controller that doesn't stay in the position you want, you might have to use another controller (assign it to the MIDI control 1), e.g. one of the sliders or the touch strip.

    The problem might be that GPO doesn't (directly) respond to pitch bend, but when you use the joystick for pitchbend, it will lower the modulation amount, which controls the volume.

    Anyway, if English is too difficult, I'm Dutch, so we could do this in Dutch if necessary.

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    Re: Mod wheel problem.

    Yes thats it , moving the joystick up results in the modulation wheel in the interface moving all the way down resulting in a sound that nearky can be heard. I will try to use a controller slide.
    En heel leuk dat ik nu een Nederlander ontmoet die ook gpo gebruikt. Heb jij veel ervaring wellicht kan je een pm sturen !

    thanks !!


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