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Topic: Cubase/Nuendo users - Tempo track

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    Cubase/Nuendo users - Tempo track

    So far I have found only one way of using the tempo track,
    and that is as a separate window.

    But since you can't see this window together with any of your other tracks,
    you have to guess where to do the changes.

    Does anyone know of another option of opening and working with this track?

    Is there a way of incorporating it into the project window as an additional track,
    or in the individual tracks?


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    Re: Cubase/Nuendo users - Tempo track

    I don't know about all the versions but in Cubase 5 you have have two options. Go to Project > Add track > Tempo. This forms a track like all the others but with a blue line running all the middle. This blue line is the tempo and can be altered like any of the other control lines.

    Click on the line with the mouse and a node appears. This can be dragged up and down to change the tempo. There can be a JUMP or a RAMP - this is set in the inspector column

    Its very flexible, just draw in the tempo. OR use the other method CTRL T to get the drop down box, both methods show the same information, but the tempo track is especially good for rallentando

    You can also have time signature changes shown on this track.

    Its not shown very clearly in the manual

    EDIT: It doesn't work in Cubase 4
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    Re: Cubase/Nuendo users - Tempo track

    Thanks, buckshead, for your reply.

    I work with Cubase SX3, so I guess I have only one option...

    I'm very tempted to move to version 5, now that you told
    that it has exactly the option I was thinking about.


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