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Topic: An Orchestral Demo

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    Re: An Orchestral Demo

    I\'m listening to it as I write. I think it\'s extremely accomplished and I\'m enjoying it very much. As for criticism, I couldn\'t do this in a hundred years, but I\'ll give you my honest opinion and hope that something might be of value.

    The strings sound great, really, terrific. The piano sounds a bit thin (and maybe it could have been moved around a bit more throughout the piece - I wanted to hear it more intimitely when it carried the melody).

    Overall, the orchestration sounds slightly overcooked to me - I craved some \'spaces\' and the timing, while adding a certain realism, seemed slightly off (like you\'d caught the brass section after a jaunt to the pub).

    The brass sounded very majestic, but then again, slightly overbearing; like it was fighting to be heard rather than weaving in and out of the music. It was like someone had mic\'d the orchestra from the brass section.

    Also, (and I\'m really nitpicking here) It sounded as if some instruments didn\'t quite belong - the bell sound - It was as if the sound was lying around so it was used, while the music itself sounded more symphonic than epic (I didn\'t like the \'choiry\' sound either, it was like it was talking \'out of turn\'.)

    Many congratulations on a very fine piece of work. All in all, I thought it was absolutely terrific.
    (it seems like I was criticising a lot, I know, but I listened to it three times for pure enjoyment). It is so nice to lose one\'s self in fine music.

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    Re: An Orchestral Demo

    Nice compositions there Trond! What strings did you use in the first movement? The strings sound very good.
    I loved the end of Cape Hatteras with the harp and voices. Very celestial sounding.

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    Re: An Orchestral Demo

    Z6- Thoughtful, useful, and gently presented comments. The Cape Hatteras movement starts with the idea of it as \'the Graveyard of the Atlantic\', so the bell represents both a nautical \'buoy\', as well as a graveyard\'s church-bell, at least that was the idea.

    Damon, The strings are GOS.


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    Re: An Orchestral Demo


    Nice work!! I definitely felt like I was out at sea - well at least Lake Erie. I\'ve spend many hours out on Lake Erie and the Detroit River.

    I personally like you\'re piano sound - which one did you use? Also, I liked the choir sound.

    Would like to hear your piece in full glory on a CD. MP3\'s have a tendency to muddy up the sound!

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    Re: An Orchestral Demo


    You\'re a Bad ***

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    An Orchestral Demo

    For those who are interested to have a listen, I recently completed an orchestral piece that uses some of the libraries discussed on this forum. My friend Jamey worked his magic with the final mix, in some cases even replacing my less than adequate samples with better sounding ones. http://www.mediamusicproductions.com/Serene%20and%20Savage%20Sea.htm

    If the word wrapping messes up the above URL hopelessly, go to www.MediaMusicProductions.com , then select the \'Music for Media\' link, then select the \"Serene and Savage Sea\" link.

    Constructive comments are welcome.

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    Re: An Orchestral Demo

    The piano is a General Music \"Pro-2 Real Piano\", the keyboard version. I haven\'t found any sampled piano that I like nearly as well. I think it is probably the physical modelling it uses for the harp resonance, and sympathetic string resonances (even keeping track of open and closed strings in its calculations). Any sampled piano I have tried sounds deflated and \'one-dimensional\' in comparison.
    The choir sound is a synth patch from the \"Pyramid Collection\" CD-ROM for Kurzweil.

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    Re: An Orchestral Demo

    Wonderful work! you should have it performed by a real orchestra!


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    Re: An Orchestral Demo

    Fantastic work Trond! I think the first movement may be the most convincing sampled piece I\'ve heard. And a very nice composition.

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    Re: An Orchestral Demo

    Beautiful compositions and very realistic orchestra simulation. Most impressive: Expressive legato violins. Less impressive: Flute that sounds really up close. The overall sound reminds me of older orchestral recordings.

    Are you layering different violin patches? Which string libraries are you using?

    Thanks for letting us hear your music!

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