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Topic: Sax Appeal

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    Sax Appeal

    This one features 3 real saxes over a electrolounge playback made with Omnisphere, Trilogy and EZdrummer.


    Please enjoy and thanks for watching


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    Re: Sax Appeal

    OMG Hans!!!!!!

    You are an amazing sax player!!!!
    I absolutely love it!
    You should totally bring out a solo sax electro lounge album!
    That stuff is as mainstream as it gets nowadays!
    Ive got a tiny suggestion though...You should play one of the saxes a little dirtier...give the main voice some added expression. It felt asif the melody was overpowered by the other voices

    I really enjoyed this!

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    Re: Sax Appeal

    Thank you-i will forward the nice compliment to Torsten Kamps-he is the guy who played the saxes. I just wrote the score and produced the song and video.
    He played all the 3 saxes and of course the Alto solo is his improvisation.
    Happy to hear that you enjoyed it.
    Its really a laboroflove project

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