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Topic: Trillian Preorder Questions.

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    Trillian Preorder Questions.

    So how do I preorder the upgrade from Trilogy?

    I am a Trilogy user that suffered great frustration when moving to an Intel Mac and have long since abandoned using Trilogy. I am happy to pay the $99, but I seem to remember something about getting it free, is this still possible?

    I would like to get it quickly as my bass sounds suck.

    Any info would be appreciated.


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    Re: Trillian Preorder Questions.

    If you take a sec to read the recent posts, you will learn that yes, Intel mac users of Trilogy will indeed get a free upgrade to Trilian, and the only cost will be the shipping. Also, ordering details etc. will be made available on the 26th October, not before. As Eric said; "It'll be clear when Techshop opens for upgrades on the 26th." Hope that helps...........playz
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