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Topic: I really love Morphestra

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    I really love Morphestra

    Hello all, first time posting here. I really do love Morphestra. It kind of hit me the same way when I heard Distorted Reality 2 all those years ago. Lush, organic and huge sounding

    btw, is there a way to save favorits in the kontakt player? or do I need the full version for that?



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    Re: I really love Morphestra

    Hi Josh,
    Thanks, glad to hear the kind words. It is always refreshing to hear user reactions of the product.

    As for favorite saving, you can make a folder in the library folder structure in the instruments folder for Morphestra(for Mac do this using the finder) and make a folder manually called favorites. Than you can copy and paste the nki files you like most.

    thanks again,
    Joe Trupiano
    Sample Logic LLC

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