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Topic: If you're in Paris Thursday....

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    Re: If you're in Paris Thursday....

    If I sign up but eventually don't come (I don't live in France) will I still be eligible for the raffle (new word I learned today)?
    How about doing an additional raffle between all Spectrasonics product owners world-wide? (This deserves another )?
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    Re: If you're in Paris Thursday....

    Eric, when you're bored of the wet and drizzle in Paris I think you should hop on a short (50 min) flight down to the lovely city of Carcassonne and come and visit us and some of the best wine in France - I can even put you up for the night - we accept cash, credit cards and copies of Trilian....

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    Re: If you're in Paris Thursday....

    I'll be there

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    Re: If you're in Paris Thursday....

    Was everyone sworn to secrecy - I can't find anyone who went to the event who's posted up a report or a video on YouTube or anything?

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    Re: If you're in Paris Thursday....

    We were asked at the beginning of the presentation to not take films or pictures
    Demo was interesting.
    Videos will be available at spectrasonics website on the launch day, monday.

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