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Topic: memory usage cinematic strings

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    memory usage cinematic strings

    Can anyone let me know how much ram for example a legato patch would consume?

    I was thinking of upgrading my vsl appass strings (to get both the extended and muted editions) but cinematic sounds rather nice ;-).

    However, I wondered how the VSL ram usage and the Cinematic in Kontakt 3/4 compare?



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    Re: memory usage cinematic strings

    Loading ALL patches (1. & 2. Violins, violas, celli, basses - see their www for what that includes in this first version) in Kontakt Player 3.5 uses around 2.35 Gb.
    (That is with one mic position, could be stage...) The Player itself goes for around 100 Mb. (You need the full Kontakt version - I'm just checking out using the demo version until the other arrives.)

    Loading eg only "1st Violins Long Normal Stage" - meaning legato/sustained/no vib/vib/crossfades type of articulations, takes around 300 Mb. Not bad...

    Hope this helps. Sounds nice by the way - compared to VSL the arsenal of art. is ofcourse smaller.

    Hope this helps.


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    Re: memory usage cinematic strings

    VSL Appassionata strings use around 2.3 GB of memory..with all the articulation loaded, if i can recall correctly.
    So it seems its pretty much the same memory consumption as Cinematic Strings.

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    Re: memory usage cinematic strings

    Thanks guys. That's most useful.

    The library does sound good.

    Just upgrading my machine from xp to win 7 and from 4GB to 8 so might be a good move when I'm done

    Thanks again

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