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Topic: EWI on a USB hub?

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    EWI on a USB hub?

    The EWI manual seems to suggest that using it on a USB hub is likely to cause problems. It doesn't say don't - it just says that ARIA might not see the EWI.

    So I just thought I'd ask whether any is doing it successfully. My computers are hidden quite a long way under the desk, and I need to go around on my hands and knees to plug the EWI in. Then I have to sit really close to the desk to play it. It would be so much easier if I could put a hub on top of the desk and plug into that.

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    Re: EWI on a USB hub?

    It's always hard to tell without detailed information, but a USB device on a hub should function just as well as one directly plugged in, unless it draws a lot of power. In that case, a powered USB hub might help (my computer actually warns me when the hub cannot be fed). Another solution would be a USB extension cable.

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    Re: EWI on a USB hub?

    Agreed with FLWrd,

    Usually it indicates a power problem. Getting a USB hub that provides true 300 milliamp power to each port may very well solve any issues. I recommend the ports built by Belkin, they have been flawless for me for years.

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    Re: EWI on a USB hub?

    It would be interesting using the EWI with a WIRELESS usb hub...
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    Re: EWI on a USB hub?

    I use mine on a hub - no problems.
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    Re: EWI on a USB hub?


    There is no reason why it should not work perfectly. reberclark has confirmed this for his situation. If you connect directly to the host controller with no other devices connected, you may get a speed advantage which you may not need.

    Theo says:

    Another solution would be a USB extension cable.”

    A USB2 cables can be up to 5 m long, in compliance with the standard.

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    Re: EWI on a USB hub?

    Thanks everyone. I think I may well order a powered USB hub, and give it a try.

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