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Topic: GS3 Registration

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    GS3 Registration

    I had to replace a motherboard, and so did a clean install of WinXP.
    The saved registration key is no longer valid, and it appears it’s no longer possible to register GS3 with Tascam. Any other options?

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    Re: GS3 Registration

    Did you call them? They were still doing registrations as of about a month ago.


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    Re: GS3 Registration

    I think I read on Tascam's pages that up until December 31 2009 they will email register your GS3.
    What will happen if I have to change my motherboard on Jan 2nd 2010?
    This is the problem! Could somebody come up with a dongle to allow us to use this program without going through the registration process which originally was implemented to control piracy? Since the technology was sold to Garry, why is the need for this kind of cumbersome registration process, which ends at the end of this year, making our investment in money and effort obsolete in a flash of failed hard drive? I do not wish to start paying for and learning an other, lower quality software. I tried them all, and non of them came up to GS quality of sound. Period.

    (Desperate) Ted

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    Re: GS3 Registration

    It's not just changing the motherboard.
    Adding or changing he hard drive will also cause you to re-register. Clean install or restore from backup. It's taking a hardware signature to determine the license.

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