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Topic: Much is Forgiven

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    Much is Forgiven

    Hi everyone!

    This is my very first Garritan piece. I would like to thank Gary Garritan and all the team for making these libraries so affordable. I would also like to thank them for the time and effort they put into perfecting these instruments.

    It truly is inspiring to use them and helps me make music that I dared not even dream of previously. This piece was created in a day (yesterday) while experimenting with the Reaper DAW. (smoked the performance of my pro tools le rig)

    Much is Forgiven:

    I would love to hear peoples comments.

    Thanks everyone and thankyou Garritan!

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    Re: Much is Forgiven

    cool Dwane!

    Welcome to the Garritan forum.
    New Northern Sounds members are always welcomed and encouraged to
    participate in discussions, whether it be advise about recording a piece of music,
    or giving praise to someone for their efforts.

    That's a pretty big chunk of work for one day, and congratulations
    on your very first piece with GPO. I will never forget mine.

    May the days ahead be filled with notes you never knew you could make.

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    Re: Much is Forgiven

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for the welcome and kind words! Appreciate it.

    I am totally ecstatic about the possbilities with Garritan instruments! I'm also really grateful for the 26 part course on orchestration so generously made available! I've only got through 3 lessons and it has helped me tremendously.

    My piece only used 10 tracks so it wasn't many layers. 10-12 total instruments max. I thought I was a little slow actually. I'm looking forward to working faster and more accurately.

    Looking forward to learnng more too!

    Thanks for your response!


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    Re: Much is Forgiven

    Nice work. I like the contrast between the sort of simple, flowing first part and the complex, forceful layered second part. The last piano note sounds great.

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    Re: Much is Forgiven

    Thanks Theo!

    I'm glad you liked it. Yeah that last few notes do have a nice sustained ambience to them.

    Thanks for listening!

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    Re: Much is Forgiven

    A warm welcome to the friendliest, most helpful music forum on the web.

    What a great start! I enjoyed that very much. I could imagine it being a theme tune to an Inspector Morse style drama.

    I like the buildup you accomplished through your use of strings. Very atmospheric.


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    Senior Member sd cisco's Avatar
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    Jul 2009
    Southern Ontario, Canada

    Re: Much is Forgiven

    Hello Dwayne!
    Yes, welcome to the Forum and the Listening Room!! A place of benign good humor, sage advice and pragmatic, scholarly wisdom, and often the stage for world premieres!!!
    It has been near 8 months since I bought the GPO Library and have now upgraded to the GPO4. I use Cubase on a PC. If you are anything at all like me, you will soon, if not already, find it harder and harder to get to bed on time!!
    An enjoyable good start for you and I look forward to much more!

    Best regards,
    sd cisco

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    Re: Much is Forgiven

    Hi Owen,

    Thanks for listening and commenting! I'm glad you liked it. I've seen a few inspector Morse shows which always struck as extremely well written plots. I'm flattered with the comparison!

    I do enjoy using the strings. Such a beautiful and elegant beast! The powerful dynamics of Garritan instruments also still amazes me! I must admit I am addicted to the SAM French Horn in GPO4. Riding the mod wheel makes me feel like I'm connected to the instrument by wire!

    Hi Sd Cisco,

    Yeah I'm glad to be finally signed up with this forum! Been lurking for a month or so. But didn't really have anything to post until now. Yeah, it's hard to pull yourself away from it - I know!

    And yes I am looking forward to honing my craft and creating many more pieces. Also longer pieces! Eventually I'd like to create a musical. But that's long term.

    Thanks for listening and commenting!

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