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Topic: Music - Joshua Swerling

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    Music - Joshua Swerling

    Hello everyone!

    Here are a couple of tracks I've made using VSL & Sibelius,
    Symphonic Poem No. 1 in C Minor - http://tinyurl.com/ygm5sxg
    Harp Study No. 1 - http://tinyurl.com/yjvwjd5

    These two are also on the player on the main page of my website - http://www.jswerling.com/

    Thanks for listening.

    - Joshua Swerling

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    Re: Music - Joshua Swerling

    Hi Joshua,

    I listened a couple of times to your pieces and I like the Symphonic Poem very much. It is a piece that seems to grow on you the more you listen.
    If you could improve the realistic rendering and work on the mix and dynamics you could end up with something very powerful.


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    Re: Music - Joshua Swerling

    Thank you for your response Jef, I have put much more time into the Symphonic Poem than anything else I have done, it is my largest achievement to date and I am very glad you like it.
    The tracks on my website are in low quality, so the sound is somewhat different to what the original is.

    - Joshua

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