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Topic: OT: Do you love Pachelbel Canon?...

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    Talking OT: Do you love Pachelbel Canon?...

    ...then probably you are not a Cellist...

    Hilarious, I had to share.


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    Re: OT: Do you love Pachelbel Canon?...

    Needless to say...
    Maybe I should have come up with a more original username.
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    Re: OT: Do you love Pachelbel Canon?...

    That was freakin' funny! LOL!

    (And sooooo true. . . I mean, really! How many tunes are there in this world that have the same chord progression as "Canon in D"?? Way, way too many! LOL!)


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    Re: OT: Do you love Pachelbel Canon?...

    lol - cheers!

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    Re: OT: Do you love Pachelbel Canon?...

    I say there can never be enough melodies that make use of the wonderful chord progression! I've used it quite a bit in my own music without even thinking about it.

    Cellists just have to grin and bear their boring bass parts for the good of the orchestra...
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    Re: OT: Do you love Pachelbel Canon?...

    I'm a cellist myself... I despise Pachebel Canon...

    Unless it's this version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEn4E_fK2OY

    That one's insanely fun to play.
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    Re: OT: Do you love Pachelbel Canon?...

    As a harpist, I must have played this thousands of times.

    We had a "Pachelbel's Canon - Let's Hear Your Interpretation" thread five years ago --> http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...ad.php?t=23462 We received some really fantastic renditions and maybe we should revive it again.

    Although very simple, many regard this Canon as one of the finest pieces of music ever written.


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    Re: OT: Do you love Pachelbel Canon?...

    I have played this piece in recorder groups and way too many times. I can't stand the repetition. But congrats to Pachelbel for being the FIRST to put the chord structure (that soooo many have copied) together. What a man!!!
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