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Topic: A call to arms...and to Congress!!!!

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    A call to arms...and to Congress!!!!

    Leading economists have told us recently that the economy is showing signs of recovery. Meanwhile, about 9 million Americans are out of work and many have or will have exhausted their unemployment benefits by the end of this month.

    On Tuesday October 27th (that's tomorrow), the US Senate will finally vote on a bill to extend unemployment benefits for another 14 weeks. In these trying times, those less fortunate then us, who are about to lose their only lifeline, wait and pray for salvation. Many of us in the GPO community surely know of a friend or relative in such dire circumstances. A call to arms is in order.

    Call, write, fax and email your representatives in Congress to vote "Yes" on this important legislation. It will make a big difference for them and their dependents to know that their fellow Americans are still compassionate and care about each other.
    "The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese." -Steven Wright, comedian

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    Re: A call to arms...and to Congress!!!!

    Maybe instead of encouraging Congress to spend yet more money we don't have, all fellow Americans who are still compassionate and care about each other should take it upon themselves to help each other out on an individual basis rather than further burden ALL Americans with more debt. Just a thought.

    Steve Winkler

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    Re: A call to arms...and to Congress!!!!

    Maybe because the average American has the attitude: "someone else will take care of the problem, so I don't need to do anything".

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    Re: A call to arms...and to Congress!!!!

    Actually, the first two posts pretty much lay out the terms of debate about the role of government versus the private sphere that has dominated nearly all debates in this country about public policy for the last 30 years or more. Unfortunately, debates about public policy often seem to focus on this irresolvable matter--public versus private--instead of looking at ways to involve both the public and private spheres in solving the actual problems.

    And I don't believe this a matter of shirking responsibility in any case, American or otherwise. These are complex matters. For example, both Russia and China, whose less than successful economic experiments of the 20th century are well known, are attempting to evolve policies that foster sustainable economies while not reverting to unbridled free market capitalism. The resulting social and political upheaval in these countries is substantial.

    The solutions to matters of public policy are complicated because they lie ultimately in the great "grey area", not at either extreme, and all parties must make ideological compromises to solve them.

    Just my opinion, of course.

    Heard any good music lately?

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    Re: A call to arms...and to Congress!!!!

    Politics eventually turns to the unpleasant words in posts.
    I can get perturbed at people who express divergent views from my own.
    ergo: it's better on another forum.

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    Re: A call to arms...and to Congress!!!!

    It doesn't matter what the cause of the recession is. What matters is that if this unemployment extension bill doesn't pass, up to 600,000 Americans will end up homeless. I'd rather see my federal tax dollars spent to keep them housed and fed than to waste it on two-bogus wars, pork spending, national security policies like Real ID that don't work and bailing out rich bankers that never needed a bailout.

    Since when is a phony war on terror more important than helping an American who has worked hard to put food on his family's table, only to be pink-slipped while the top brass of a company he toiled and sweated for gets a bonus? Since when is a rich banker, who grew up in the lap of luxury since birth, more deserving of our tax money than an unemployed citizen or a disabled veteran? How did we get our priorities mixed up? What will it take to straighten them out?
    "The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese." -Steven Wright, comedian

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    Re: A call to arms...and to Congress!!!!

    We never got our priorities mixed up.....We allowed the powers that be run wild, and did NOTHING TO STOP IT !!!..... We're all to blame ....Time to give back America to the hard working AMERICANS !!!..... They want war, let's give them war !!....They can't spend what we don't give them !!!.....Jim

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    Re: A call to arms...and to Congress!!!!

    Thank you, synthnut, for contributing. You're right, too many Americans just vote and then sit back and complain when the crooked politicians they elected stab us all in the back.

    I personally was disappointed when that blue state secession didn't catch on. We should've done it. And where are we now, stuck with a president who'd rather compromise than make real, badly-needed changes. I am not happy that Democrats in Congress actually compromised with Republicans over the unemployment extension bill. At least they have the guts to force a vote on it tomorrow.

    We could also try another idea that at least a million Americans are quietly doing-paying their federal income taxes to their state. Heather Czerniak of Milwaukee (probably not her real name) and her husband (whom she won't identify) paid their combined federal income taxes for 2008 to the state of Wisconsin. Wisconsin cashed the checks without question. They also plan to pack up and move to Canada if the IRS wants to do anything about it. But if millions of us did what the Czerniaks have done, it would turn the recession around and the IRS would be at a loss to prosecute anyone.

    OK, the ideas I submitted in the above paragraphs may be extreme to some people, but so is the crisis we're in now. It's going to take something big to get the ball rolling. Too many Americans are afraid to step out of line and take a stand. It's like "I will if you will" and nobody wants to go first. We're Americans. We've proven to the world time and again that we never back down from the face of oppression. Now our own government is our own worst enemy. They work for us, not us for them. We put them in office and we can take them out. Together, we can shake them down by doing the one thing they thought we'd never have the guts to do, and that is to stand together. No more partisan politics, no more empty promises, just good old honest democracy. It sure beats mayhem in the streets and living with a lifetime of regret for doing nothing at all. Shall we?
    "The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese." -Steven Wright, comedian

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    Re: A call to arms...and to Congress!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by dudefromthebronx View Post
    How did we get our priorities mixed up? What will it take to straighten them out?

    How about a new political party? As long as we allow legalized bribery to influence our two special interest-corrupted political parties, don’t expect any meaningful changes soon.

    Both Democrats and Republicans accept hundreds of millions of dollars every year to keep their well-paid asses seated in Congress ($174,000 annual salaries, plus benefits and another two to three million each to hire their political friends). They are the law makers. They can introduce and pass a law tomorrow to give us adequate health care, except for the fact that they are now working on a 1200 page loop-hole filled bill to keep their health care industry contributors happy.

    They are the law makers. They can pass a law tomorrow that would make it illegal to accept more than $100 from any one registered voter, or go to jail for one year of hard labor, along with having all personal assets seized and auctioned off to the public. Every Democratic and Republican candidate and office holder at the national level will hardly admit to special interest corruption, let alone even suggest a law to change this established arrangement.

    They are the law makers. They can pass a law that all broadcast TV stations provide an hour or more of daily public debate during primetime for the month prior to an election, between every viable political party. The upcoming elections will be replete with smear campaigns, often each special interest influenced party represented accuses the other of something detrimental to holding that public office, and both will be right! Both need to be replaced!

    They are the law makers. They can make a law to fire all of the incompetent administrators running medicare and hire a thousand investigators to find out how 60 billion dollars has been so easily stolen from this agency, who has taken it and where these criminals will be incarcerated. Not to mention doing the same to recover another 300 billion of uncollected taxes by the IRS. As it stands now, no one is held responsible for these horrific wastes of taxpayer money.

    They are the law makers. They can make a law to stop sending soldiers to kill thousands of people in other countries to protect their oil producing contributors, and perhaps to use the same amount of money to build housing, schools, clean water resources, etc. instead.

    They are the law makers. They can direct the National Guard to occupy and protect any neighborhood infested with gangs that terrorize and kill its law abiding citizens – many being innocent children. Such gangs distribute drugs from terrorist countries and are therefore agents of terrorist countries. Have you ever heard a politician at any national or local level make this call to arms to protect their own constituents?

    They are the law makers. They have made laws that favor the interests of communist China and other foreign countries over the citizens of their own country. Isn’t there a name for this kind of behavior?

    Lastly, not one single member of Congress, especially those that were on dedicated committees to oversee the industries they supposedly investigate, such as the financial industry, has resigned in disgrace. Not one other member of Congress has made any attempt to call their fellow members to task. Instead, they hold meetings to scold corporate millionaires in public, and continue to hold their same committee positions! Incompetence is simply ignored!

    In the end, it is up to us to change this scenario, but the politicians are now so powerful and entrenched, I am afraid presenting reasonable arguments to the general public will not do much. However, as the destitute and soon to be homeless unemployed continue to grow in numbers, hopefully a leader will emerge. There are now over 15 million out of work with another 10 million underemployed in part-time jobs and thousands losing their health care coverage every day. Not to mention 75 thousand homes going into foreclosure every week. These numbers may need to be doubled, before the average citizen, personally affected and knowing of others in their social circles in the same sinking boat, before voting preferences are affected.

    I think the economists predicting a slow recovery are out of touch with reality. The stock market is doing better because companies are currently benefiting from cutting their labor costs and making a small profit. However, the financial markets are essentially a Ponzi scheme, built on unfathomable financial instruments that our government continues to do nothing about. It will eventually collapse under its own greedy weight, as investor confidence is eroded. Naturally, there will be many who lose their fortunes, as well as many who will be keeping their fortunes, without any consequences, as they have acted in a legally prescribed manner dictated by our government.

    Perhaps the upcoming retail disaster of Christmas this year will bring things to a head, when profits again plunge and even more are left without jobs and homes. Our politicians will then attempt to make vague promises, spend money like there is no tomorrow, and hope to be able to hold on to their offices, by blaming the members of the other party for their failure to act responsibly.

    Damn, what a depressing post this is turning out to be!

    Think I’ll just keep quiet for now…
    Wider is better.

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    Re: A call to arms...and to Congress!!!!

    Thanks for contributing, dominick. I voted Libertarian last November. Not that I'm a huge fan of Bob Barr, but it looks like most voters aren't quite ready to accept a third-party candidate. And you're right, Democrats and Republicans have enjoyed a two-party monopoly on politics in this country for too long. They take turns running this country into the ground and we taxpayers end up paying the bill because we voters have little or no control over what they do. And thus, I support the idea of a federal tax revolt, where we all pay our federal taxes to our state of residency.

    But for now, let's get a campaign started to get our clueless leaders in Congress to vote "YES" on extending unemployment benefits another 14 weeks. The people who worked and paid those taxes should get first dibs, not rich bankers.
    "The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese." -Steven Wright, comedian

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