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Topic: Might Be A Dumb Question But....

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    Might Be A Dumb Question But....

    Should I uninstall Trilogy and the wrapper first before installing Trilian? Or should I install Trilian first and then uninstall Trilogy and the wrapper?
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    Re: Might Be A Dumb Question But....

    Shouldn't really matter at all as there is nothing connecting the two programs.


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    Re: Might Be A Dumb Question But....

    IF you will not need Trilogy for any old projects or have no reason to retain it, you can uninstall it before OR after you install Trilian. It doesn't matter because Trilian is a totally different program, uses the Steam engine, and has different files etc. The concept and procedures are the same as when Omnisphere replaced Atmosphere. Trilian is not just an update, it's a new program.....playz
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