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Topic: NI meets problems?

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    NI meets problems?

    Something strange is going on with Native Instruments. I ordered an upgrade to Komplete 6. They charged my cc but nothing happened within a week. I sent an inquiry regarding my order but got no reply. Today, 10 days after I place my order, my money from cc returned and my bank told me that NI just didnt request the payment from them so they returned money to my cc. Today I tried a few times to call NI sales service during work time but no one was at service. What is going on in Berlin? NI is dying?

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    Re: NI meets problems?

    I read on another forum that Komplete was back-ordered.

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    Re: NI meets problems?

    I got mine in 2 days from Guitar Center St. Louis (pm me if you want my salesman's name). I've been using them or Audiomidi.
    Stephen Cullo

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    Re: NI meets problems?

    I tried from their HQ in Berlin.

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    Re: NI meets problems?

    Got the pack finally. Sent by Swiss Post not by DHL. But the great advantage of that - no tax because the value is under $200.

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