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Topic: Custom SFZ files in Aria player

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    Custom SFZ files in Aria player


    I was pleased to find that custom SFZ files would import and playback in the Aria player that came with GPO4. However these files don't respond to fader movements like the GPO instruments do. Just wondering if anyone knew of any tweaks I needed to make to a SFZ file to get the fader to respond?

    Many thanks


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    Re: Custom SFZ files in Aria player

    add these lines to the sfz file.

    //at the top of the file
    pan_oncc10=100 pan_curvecc10=1
    amplitude_oncc7=100 amplitude_smoothcc7=50 amplitude_curvecc7=7

    //add this at the end of the file (make sure the curve 7 is not already defined)
    v000=0 v001=4.8819e-007 v002=3.90552e-006 v003=1.31811e-005 v004=3.12442e-005
    v005=6.10237e-005 v006=0.000105449 v007=0.000167449 v008=0.000249953 v009=0.00035589
    v010=0.00048819 v011=0.000649781 v012=0.000843592 v013=0.00107255 v014=0.00133959
    v015=0.00164764 v016=0.00199963 v017=0.00239848 v018=0.00284712 v019=0.00334849
    v020=0.00390552 v021=0.00452113 v022=0.00519825 v023=0.00593981 v024=0.00674874
    v025=0.00762797 v026=0.00858043 v027=0.00960904 v028=0.0107167 v029=0.0119065
    v030=0.0131811 v031=0.0145437 v032=0.015997 v033=0.0175441 v034=0.0191878
    v035=0.0209311 v036=0.022777 v037=0.0247283 v038=0.026788 v039=0.0289589
    v040=0.0312442 v041=0.0336465 v042=0.036169 v043=0.0388145 v044=0.041586
    v045=0.0444863 v046=0.0475185 v047=0.0506853 v048=0.0539899 v049=0.0574351
    v050=0.0610237 v051=0.0647589 v052=0.0686434 v053=0.0726803 v054=0.0768723
    v055=0.0812226 v056=0.085734 v057=0.0904094 v058=0.0952517 v059=0.100264
    v060=0.105449 v061=0.11081 v062=0.116349 v063=0.12207 v064=0.127976
    v065=0.134069 v066=0.140353 v067=0.146829 v068=0.153503 v069=0.160375
    v070=0.167449 v071=0.174729 v072=0.182216 v073=0.189914 v074=0.197826
    v075=0.205955 v076=0.214304 v077=0.222875 v078=0.231672 v079=0.240697
    v080=0.249953 v081=0.259444 v082=0.269172 v083=0.279141 v084=0.289352
    v085=0.29981 v086=0.310516 v087=0.321475 v088=0.332688 v089=0.344159
    v090=0.35589 v091=0.367886 v092=0.380148 v093=0.392679 v094=0.405483
    v095=0.418562 v096=0.431919 v097=0.445558 v098=0.45948 v099=0.47369
    v100=0.48819 v101=0.502983 v102=0.518071 v103=0.533458 v104=0.549147
    v105=0.565141 v106=0.581442 v107=0.598054 v108=0.614979 v109=0.63222
    v110=0.649781 v111=0.667664 v112=0.685872 v113=0.704408 v114=0.723275
    v115=0.742476 v116=0.762014 v117=0.781891 v118=0.802112 v119=0.822678
    v120=0.843592 v121=0.864858 v122=0.886479 v123=0.908457 v124=0.930795
    v125=0.953496 v126=0.976563 v127=1
    Pascal Maheux, Plogue Art et Technologie Inc.
    Montréal. http://www.plogue.com

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    Re: Custom SFZ files in Aria player

    another template would be:

    set_cc10=64 //center

    pan_curvecc10=1 //internal curve (ARIA_CURVE_LINEAR_BIPOLAR)

    amplitude_curvecc7=4 //internal curve (ARIA_CURVE_CONCAVE)

    David Viens, Plogue Art et Technologie Inc.
    Montreal. http://www.plogue.com

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    Smile Re: Custom SFZ files in Aria player

    Thanks both for the advice. David, I used your suggestion and it worked great

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    Re: Custom SFZ files in Aria player


    as far as I can see, the modulation wheel (CC01) is configured
    in a way, that you cannot fade down a sound completely to "0".
    So my question is:
    Can I tweak the sensitivity of this parameter somewhere?


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    Re: Custom SFZ files in Aria player

    Quote Originally Posted by riberto123 View Post
    Can I tweak the sensitivity of this parameter somewhere?
    Yes, but you will have to edit it for each instrument.

    Alto Flute Plr1.sfz (GPO4)

    The line for CC1 indicate you will have to edit the curve 7.
    amplitude_oncc1=100 amplitude_smoothcc1=50 amplitude_curvecc1=7
    <curve> curve_index=7
    and set v000=0

    In this case you can simply remove amplitude_curvecc1=7 and it will use the default curve: linear 0 to 1.

    I suggest you to backup your original sfz files before editing them.
    Pascal Maheux, Plogue Art et Technologie Inc.
    Montréal. http://www.plogue.com

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    Re: Custom SFZ files in Aria player

    I haven't used my wind controller for a while, but this sounds to me like it might be a real problem.

    As I recall, for realistic use of a wind controller, it is really really necessary to be able to fade the amplitude smoothly down to zero under cc1 (or whichever) control. I also recall that this was simple to do with the old KP1 player -- there was a slider right there on the panel which did the trick.

    Editing raw sfz files sounds to me to be a bit heavy for the average user. And I suppose, if you do that, you either have to edit them back again or live with the fact that from then on all your instruments are going to sound slightly different to everyone else's, including any demo sequences which appear on this forum. And all your own old sequences will now sound different too.

    The rationale for not having instruments fade smoothly to zero as their normal behaviour escapes me. Could someone please enlighten me?
    Canberra, Australia

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    Re: Custom SFZ files in Aria player

    having noticed this thread, I wonder how sfz instruments can actually be imported to show in the Aria player? (I'm using the Aria player with Finale and also in Cubase)
    would be grateful for any (detailed?) instructions
    Pro Tools 8.01, Finale 97 - 2005, 2008, 2009b, Cubase Essential 4, Fujitsu-Siemens AMILO Xi3650 laptop, 18.4 in. HD display, Intel Centrino2 Duo CPU P7350 @ 2.00GHz, NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT graphics, Realtek High Definition Audio, 4GB RAM, Vista HP (32-bit), Digidesign Mbox 2 Micro, M-Audio 49+25 Keystations

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