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Topic: "The Luminescents" orchestral suite

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    "The Luminescents" orchestral suite

    If anyone wants to listen to some or all of 'The Luminescents' then its finished now, and all now available to freely download (tracks or whole album) on www.theluminescents.info

    Its about 60% GPO/Strad, 20% VSL SE and 20% SAM Brass with the odd Soundfont thrown in for fun.

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    Re: "The Luminescents" orchestral suite

    Whoa! That's a pretty ambitious undertaking. I've only listened to the first, er, part, movement(?), but that sounds pretty good. It picks up rather slowly, provoking the imagination, and then moves through some well orchestrated passages to a very gorgeous sounding romantic ending (over the inverted theme?). The whole sounds organic, and is well rendered. I hope your work gets the reception it deserves.

    Where does the --rather gloomy-- background story come from?

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